Logo Winner

First Place goes to: Kevin Yang, 9th Grader at MSJHS.  Kevin's submission was not only strong, clean, and simple, but wonderfully symbolic of the H.H. mission statement, and, henceforth, shall be the Harvest Helpers' logo!

My Face.jpg

Kevin Yang

Currently, I am a freshman attending Mission San Jose High School. I was introduced to the art world at the age of three, more specifically, the world of Chinese Painting -- a form of art similar to watercolor and oil painting. I also learned charcoal drawing, a useful tool in capturing the human anatomy. Recently, I started digital design using Photoshop. In my free time, I like to sketch thumbnails (small drawings that capture many ideas quickly) and watch art tutorials on YouTube to strengthen my skills. I hope to be able to become a visual-development artist and graphic designer.

The Second Place winner: Audrey Yung, 9th grader at MSJH

Third Place: Rosia Yaroslava Pirkina, 10th Grader at MSJHS

Honorable Mention: Aaron Hogan, 12th Grader at MSJHS and Gannon Waring, 12th Grader at MSJHS

Thank you to everyone that supports the Harvest Helpers mission to end hunger.